Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Fox’s Gifted Stars Discuss the X-Men Show’s Social Relevancy; Comic Book Resources, August 1, 2017

Lauren Gallaway, Comic Book Resources; Fox’s Gifted Stars Discuss the X-Men Show’s Social Relevancy

"Speaking with the press, Teale, who plays Marco Ramirez (aka Eclipse), was asked about how the show will follow in its comic book inspiration’s footsteps and reflect modern society’s issues. “People keep asking why X-Men is still relevant and why it deals with social issues. I think the reason why is because of its conception. Magneto and Charles Xavier were made, that was Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. If that’s the way that this concept was conceived, then that’s going to emanate throughout the mythology later on.

“In this show, we have that same thing,” Teale continued. “These civil rights issues and these people who aren’t superheroes, who don’t don super suits or magic jets or save the world. They are human beings that are persecuted for doing nothing other than being themselves. They’ve been bestowed this X-gene that they did not ask for. We’re dealing with issues that exist on the planet already. That persecution of age, weight, gender, sexuality or disability is relevant on our show because they don’t have a choice. It’s human beings being persecuted for being nothing other than themselves and coming together and trying to fight for their rights as people. I think that’s quite relevant.”"

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